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CODE Parent Toolkit / Guide:

Parent Engagement [English]

Parent Engagement [French]

This toolkit is provided by the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE), as part of their efforts to provide a range of resources that will help families as they guide their children (of various age groups) in learning skills that are essential for success at school and throughout life. Parents/ guardians, students, educators, and individual professionals from across Ontario helped create the toolkit.

For CKSS, as a secondary school, the following may be more relevant. However, feel free to explore other resources available:

Parent Engagement: Relationships

Parent Engagement: Student Success

Parent Engagement: Teen Edition

  • View / download a .pdf file with further details, that can be referred to, as needed

  • Access additional resources

  • Ask questions and share comments online, for each resource topic

These materials provide a wealth of information to help school communities across the province. Let us endeavor to use them effectively, in a sustained manner, for the benefit of the CKSS community!