CKSS Community Pathways Program

Students in the Community Pathways Program have the opportunity to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to live up to their full potential. The purpose of the program is to:

  • Address the needs of students diagnosed with a Developmental Disability or a Mild Intellectual Disability

  • Modify the environment and provide methods of instruction that are compatible with the student's learning style thereby enabling the student to experience academic, social and communication growth

  • Provide a bridge between school and community with a strong focus on basic academic skills in literacy and numeracy, life skills, and leisure skills

A student's program may be a blend of alternative curriculum and workplace training, individualized to match strengths, interests and needs. Members of the staff include teachers who coordinate the program, educational assistants and other system support staff as required.

There are three types of classrooms available in the program:

  • Non-rotary classrooms - Students remain in their homeroom class with a maximum of two teachers switching throughout the day.

  • Partial-rotary classrooms - Students remain in their homeroom class with their homeroom teacher for the morning. In the afternoon students attend rotary classes with different teachers.

  • Full rotary classrooms - Students attend a homeroom class first period and attend rotary classes with different teachers for the rest of the day.

All students in the Community Pathways Program graduate with a Certificate of Accomplishment. Eligible students will also earn the Employability Skills Certificate (ESC) or the Community Skills Certificate (CSC) as they build personal life and work skills needed for post secondary transition.

Program Lead - Community Pathways Program: Heather Lane - Ext. 102