CKSS Student Services: Course Selection

Are you a grade 12 student wanting to return to CKSS next year?

Be sure to fill out the Grade 12 Returning to CKSS Form, and submit it before the deadline.

Are you a grade 12 student not returning to CKSS next year?

Be sure to visit the Graduating Student Web Page.

Course Selection Procedure:

1. Read the myBlueprint Online Course Selection Guide for Students

2. Make sure that the student has an active account in myBlueprint

3. Use the Course Selection Flow Chart, and consult the course descriptions found in; the CKSS Course Descriptions are first, followed by the Provincial Course Descriptions

4. Use the appropriate guide:

5. Enter complete selections in myBlueprint

* Note: to switch between pathways (Applied/Academic, College/University) make an appointment with your Student Services staff member.