CKSS Community Pathways Program

The Community Pathways Program (CPP) meets the social and learning needs of CKSS students with identified learning and developmental disabilities. The program’s main goal is to foster personal independence in our students and assist them with their growth and development in social and emotional maturity, functional academics, and important life skills. Our students range from “total care” developmental students who require full staff care and supervision, to students who require minimal supervision and assistance during the day. A similar program exists in five other Halton high schools: the CPP is the fifth pathway for Halton high school students, including university, college, apprenticeship, workplace, and community.

As the name implies, the Community Pathways Program seeks to direct all our students towards purposeful pathways in the community, both now and after they graduate. The CPP has two components – CPP (Life Skills) and CPP (Centre). Previously, the Centre and Life Skills programs were separate, but they are now under the same administrative umbrella. At present, there are 56 students in our CPP program – 36 students in four Centre classrooms, and 20 Life Skills students.

In our program, we always focus on a student’s learning strengths and abilities and set realistic and attainable IEP learning goals for each student. All of our students work towards a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Several of our Life Skills students have the opportunity to pursue the Employability Skills Certificate (ESC) program. The ESC was developed to acknowledge and validate the skills that our students have developed in high school. This Board-wide program is similar in design to the Specialist High School Major and Youth Apprenticeship programs, and provides a focus on employability skills training, as students learn about the skills and expectations of a specific career area.

Our Centre students are taught primarily in self-contained classrooms, with opportunities for integration in other school programs. In the near future, we hope to access the Community Skills Certificate (CSC). Similar to the the ESC, this program will acknowledge the skills of students which may be required of a community volunteer or in a supported work environment.

The CPP continues to work with our parents and community service providers such as Community Living, Special Olympics, and Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) and local businesses and agencies to assist our students in finding a meaningful place in the community after graduation.

Our CPP teachers appreciate the important contributions of educational assistants in the learning programs of our students, and the encouraging support of our administrative team and main office staff.

Program Lead - Community Pathways Program: Fiona Hall - Ext. 102