CKSS Library: AV Resources


The following equipment is available at the CKSS Library. To sign out equipment and/or reserve it ahead of time, contact Mr. Thomson. A valid student card and clear library account are required for all equipment borrowing.

  • Desktop Computer Lab (32 available)
  • Chromebooks (40 available for individual sign-out)
  • Chromebook Cart (available for teacher sign-out; 32 units)
  • Black & White Laser Printer -- to print, select CKSLIBa from Google Cloud Print
  • Laptop / Netbook (2 available)
  • Data Projector (1 available)
  • Dongles for assorted Apple products
  • HDMI to VGA dongles
  • DVD Players (1 available)
  • Assorted still / video / document cameras
  • Computer Speakers
  • Power Bars
  • Whiteboard class sets (2 available)
  • SMART Board accessories (for use in Library only)
  • Podcasting Equipment