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Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries & Financial Planning:
Students who are in their final year of high school can benefit greatly from the financial assistance that awards, scholarships, and bursaries can offer. 
  • Scholarship - typically based on academic achievement, but may also have requirements with respect to extra-curricular or community involvement, leadership, or teamwork experience, or have specific student demographic requirements. This may be annually renewable based on academic achievement at the post-secondary institution and does not require re-payment. 
  • Bursary - may have similar requirements of the student but will also require evidence of financial need. This may be annually renewable at the post-secondary institution and does not require re-payment. 
  • Award - may be given in recognition of outstanding achievement. Awards may be in the form of books, plaques, subscriptions or money. 

CKSS Awards:
There are a number of Awards offered to graduating students of Craig Kielburger Secondary School.
  1. Open the Awards Booklet to view awards offered
  2. Open the Grad Brag Sheet; print it and use it to complete your application for CKSS Awards
  3. Attach any required teacher letters of reference when submitting

Other Awards:
Any information forwarded to Craig Kielburger Secondary School regarding other financial opportunities will be available in Student Services, and posted on our Scholarship Bulletin Board.

Students may apply for various awards, scholarships and bursaries through the colleges or universities to which they are seeking acceptance, or through private or public organizations that also make financial rewards available for students. 

It is best to apply for OSAP before April 15 in order to support applications for Bursaries at the Universities & Colleges. You should make several OSAP applications (e.g. to Humber College and to Sheridan College), as April 15 is before the deadline to accept an offer.

Scholarship/Bursary/Award Sites:

For Students with Disabilities: