School Council

Welcome to Craig Kielburger School Council!

Craig Kielburger Secondary School (CKSS) School Council is comprised of parents, guardians, and community representatives. The Council plays an active role in helping school administration by providing input on matters impacting students and the community. Being a member of the school council is a great way of getting involved and engaged.

School Council typically meets monthly, and the current schedule can be found in the Nomination Form document attached below.

If you have any questions regarding School Council, feel free to contact Cindy Nicholls ( or Bruce Whitehouse (

We look forward to hearing from you! Your participation in council is highly valued and appreciated.

School Councils:

School Councils play a vital role in the education system in Ontario. They provide a forum through which members of school communities can actively contribute to improving student achievement and school performance, and be more engaged in matters impacting the school community. At CKSS, parent and guardian volunteers collaborate with faculty, school administration, student volunteers and government bodies (local and provincial) to support advocacy & fundraising initiatives, participate in important conversations, and engage the school and the broader Milton community.

Council can also help parents and guardians who are new to the community and students who are new to secondary school, and can help families have healthy conversations with their teenage students. Students and teachers need our support and involvement in many aspects ‐‐ athletics, extra‐curriculars, mental health, bullying ‐‐ to name a few. Council also periodically provides inputs to the HDSB regarding the principal profile, which the Board takes into account for succession planning.

Please join us as we work together in helping the CKSS community in particular, and the Milton community in general!
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